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Trouble Comes Twice is a bisexual romcom Visual Novel. Play as twins Jace (m) and Hazel (f) and romance a cast of pretty bisexuals. Full game is scheduled for 2022 release, but pre-orders are available now. 

Support our Patreon to play the latest beta build (including Adrian, Zoe and Cameron's routes).



  • Around 300,000 words
  • Around 48 CG Illustrations
  • Two Protagonists (Male and Female)
  • 4 Love Interests, pursuable by both protagonists
  • 8 Routes (four per protagonist)
  • 16 Endings + 8 Epilogues
  • Reccomended for ages 15 and older due to swearing, mature humor, and suggestive content

For regular development updates,  check out our tumblr and twitter

Trouble Comes Twice features two playable protagonists, twins Jace and Hazel. A confident flirt with a narcissistic streak, Jace has breezed through most of his life thanks to his charm and good looks but lacks ambition. On the other hand, Hazel is a talented albeit short-tempered pianist who has few friends due to the haughty facade she uses to hide her social awkwardness. 

Already halfway through their university years, the twins realize neither of them have ever been in love before. Like any other not-so-rational person, the twins decide to turn finding love into a competition. Whoever gets into a relationship first wins. 

May the best twin win!


Pre-order Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files when they are released:

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Trouble Comes Twice Demo (PC) 571 MB
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Miss the old art style


Hi! ... Not sure which art style you mean? We've had the same sprite artist since the KS demo.

I just saw some of the art looked different on the steam page for the cgs. 

Oh, I see! We have two different CG artists on the game, that would be why. You’ll get to see both styles in-game though!


I've just tried the Adrian and Cameron's beta. It's SUPER FUNN! Definitely exceed my expectations (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)! Highly recommend this and everyone, seriously, don't hesitate cause it's WORTH it! 


We hope you’ll enjoy the final game just as much, thank you! ❤️


Any plans on android and consoles?

Currently, no. We may consider it in the future though.


Just played Cameron's Beta, was so fun and I'm so excited for the full release!!!!

We’re so happy you had fun playing :)


That was fun demo! <3 Looking forward to the full release!

Hello - is beta still going on? I was curious because I tried to view the page with the password, and it didn't work (I'm very late, I know). No worries if not, just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy.

Sorry for the late response.

Yes, the beta is still ongoing. We just released Cameron's Beta a few days ago. 

We change the password everytime there's a new beta update, which means you can't access it anymore if you're not a current patron.

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For anyone interested in the game's progress, please check out our latest update on Kickstarter

We're over halfway done with implementing the game, with only Stephanie's Beta left to go once Cameron's Beta is out! We're aiming for a summer release. 

Any updates on when the release will happen? Can't wait!

We'll be posting an update soon, but release is planned for summer! :) 


just played, i really like it and can't wait till release. I played the alpha or beta demo a long time ago and just wanted to comment how much better it looks now I also love the chibi sprites they are too cute. is there a release date confirmed?


We’re happy to hear you returned to try the new demo! We’re aiming for a Q2 or Q3 release at the latest, depending on art assets and how quickly we can code/test the final parts.  We’ll be making another public update soon, though!


ive played the demo before, just came back to check if the full game is released. i just realized the price, and since 15 usd is actually 60 dollars in my country idk if i can afford this TT

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Hi! We know you posted this comment a while ago, but we might have solution for you. Depending on where you live, you’ll be able to get the game in your currency (which will be cheaper) if you buy the game on Steam once it comes out! Hope that helps. We’ve selected the best price we can to try and make the game as affordable as possible while still giving our team fair compensation for our work. 



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I’ve been waiting for 211 days. Still playing the demo, and my friends say I’m not dedicated- (this isn’t a nag BTW I’ve been patient bc I believe in time, my VN is still in it’s early stages and I started a yr ago lol)

Haha, thank you for your patience! :) (And good luck with your VN.)

Yw and Thanks :)


Just want to say how excited I am for this release. I literally can't decide which of the twins I want to play first and which route first. This may be the first VN where I definitely want to go through every single route because all LI's are so cute, and I love the dynamics. Playing Hazel, and falling in love with your best friend? Yes. Playing Jace, and falling in love with your best friend? Also yes. Playing both twins and romancing their siblings best friend? I'm also here for that. Don't even get me started on the combination of the twins with Cameron and Stephanie. Can't wait! 

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Thank you!! It means a lot to us that you already like it so much. :)


hello again! Sorry to bother you, I was just wondering if you knew when you can tell us the date of the game release?


on their tumblr they gave an update early last week. a lot of the routes are done & in the coding/editing stages. so sounds like they don't have a set date quite yet, but they're getting close ^^


I saw it! Thank you for telling me ( :


We'll make sure to announce here as soon as we've got a release date, but we're getting close! We just don't have the details yet. Thank you for your patience.


Good day! Game still in development? I worried.


Hi! Yes, the game is still in development and scheduled for release this year. You can find semi-regular progress updates on our social medias. :)

Deleted 1 year ago

wtf bro, idk if you're being sarcastic or not but there's plenty of other 18+ game you can play. this just comes off as disrespectful, honestly


Darling! You know the word mind your own business?


You have many ways to ignore me!

But no! You do it in the hard way!

Anyway! sorry?


Darling! You know the word “don't be disrespectful and horny”?


You have many ways to not to that!

But no! You do it in the hard way!

Anyway! sorry?


I just played the demo of the game and all I can say is that I'm in love. I adore the art style and the interactions between the characters! It's also not every day that I can find a visual novel where we can choose characters AND pick a love interest(not to mention we can do GxG and BxB). I can't wait to see the final result! Overall I recommend 10000/10💕💕💕💕💕


I really loved the demo and really can't wait for the game to come out! Also how long will be the game per route?


We’re not 100% sure yet since we haven’t implemented and tested the routes yet, but probably 2 ~ 4 hours each depending on your reading speed. :)


hey! loved both the alpha demo and beta demo so far and can't wait for the full game. there's one thing i've been wondering about and i haven't been able to find information, so i have to ask: will the game be released on other storefronts like steam or epic or will it be only on itch?


We’re working on getting the game on Steam. Unless something pops up, Trouble Comes Twice should definitely be available on Steam as well as Itch :)

awesome! thank you!

Hello, sorry for the weird question, but I wonder your UI have the designed confirmed notice or not, since it feel off with everything-look-so-pretty-but-the-confirmed-notice...


The missing UI elements (including the ”would you like to end game?”)  are going to be added in a future update to the demo, plus a chibi CG and some other smaller fixes.

thank you so much for your reply!


Hello! Im writing this kinda late better later than never haha, anyways, I had SO MUCH FUN with this new demo, it gave new perspectives on the characters especially Zoe, it gave a total 180 on my opinion on her <3

The siblings interactions were gold, the way they poke fun at eachother remind me of my own siblings! The clothes changes made the game more interesting in my opinion, it was a very good touch.

The chibi interactions were a nice addition, thinking about what Jace/Hazel will say about your actions or the LI actions is very fun, also the 4th wall breaking were very enjoyable. 

To sum it up, the new demo was very enjoyable and fun, the characters and the interactions filled me with joy, really! I think my favorites pairings are Hazel/Stephanie and Jace/Adrian. One thing i'd like to ask, are the routes going to be intertwined as they were in the demo? Like Jace sleeping on Hazel's shoulder and the same thing happening in her route or Jace calling Zoe and Hazel by nicknames haha, things like that, or was that a prologue only thing? Thanks in advance and I can't wait for the final game! 

(sorry for any gramatical mistakes as english is not my first language ^^)


Thanks so much, it’s great to hear you liked the new demo! To answer your question, the final routes are not going to be intertwined. Although there may be some common themes and background stuff (since the love interests are the same people, regardless of which twin they are dating) - the writing is still 100% unique to that route. 

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Dayum, i LOVE the two playable characters so much! Seeing their bickerings makes me smile so wide. Looking forward for the updates!

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Okay I've just did a replay on Jace's route. Hazel's action in this one is super cute, can't stop giggling 😂

We're really happy to hear you're enjoying their dynamic! 

Their interactions are one of our favorite things to write haha. :)

When do you think the full game will be out???


Sometime this summer, probably closer to the end (July/August)! 

We’re going to confirm a more precise date in the next few months.

Ok thank you

 I want to thank you for making such a great game. Even though it doesn't include sexual content like other VN games did, it still pretty interesting to me. 

I only tried Adrian and Cameron's route playing as Jace. Zoe and Stephanie are both charming and beautiful, not to mention that I love those shenanigans both the twins. It's hard to choose a favourite character, really.

The only pity is that the demo is too short. I wonder what is the next plan. Are there more demo or just the complete game in the summer? I will surely support the full game. Thanks again for those great work.

Thank you! We’re glad you enjoyed the demo and appreciate your support. ❤️

Right now, we don’t have any plans for an extended public demo - however, Patrons are going to get access to polished betas of the final game routes one-by-one. (We’ll make an announcement when this happens for those interested.)


I haven't been through much yet, but I want to say that I really like the emotions, especially the sinister ones from Hazel. And I was already wondering if there could be an ending where our opponent gets the heart of our LI, and we remain good friends? О__О sorry for the bad English. o//o


We’re glad you like the sprites! 

In the DLC, there are ”double date” events where your twin ends up dating one of the other love interests but they never try to pursue the same character whose route you are currently on. (So for example, if you’re on Zoe’s route playing as Hazel, Jace won’t be interested in Zoe romantically.)

(1 edit)

I just tried it and it was pretty interesting. Maybe since I haven't played many dating sim games, it felt kinda prolonged at the start with the twins and their parents. I had trouble following the flow of the conversations, there could be a better indication like dimming the other characters while one is talking. I also had some issues with the music, it stopped abruptly or would skip parts. 

But I liked the story, it's engaging. The art and the music are great! I'm looking forward to the full release! 

I can give more feedback if you want.

Hi! Feedback is always welcomed, thank you.

We’ll take note of the music and see how we can improve that. We’ll also take note of the sprites - it might be hard for us to change the design of that now, since the game is already so far into development, but we might be able to make it easier on the eyes with better transitions/fewer sprites onscreen at a time.

We’re glad you still enjoyed the demo though! :D


I love all the LIs!!! this is such an amazing VN!!! keep up the good work!

Thank you! <3


I stuck with Hazel throughout the demo. When I chose to go for Cameran, I fell in love with his personality, wish there was more though.


A new, more polished demo will be coming later this month! :)


so far Only played the female protag, i tried both guys and i like them both. I like being able to pick your choices at start like , what kind of clothes you wear, dog or cat, etc. Would these options be available in full game, and would there be more choices as well like how you would interact with these guys, cos I am not sure I like how she talks to Cameron and Jace, with Adrian it was all sweet and nice, but other two she was kind of mean and i would prefer to choose how the mc interacts with people. But it is an enjoyable game and can't wait for more.


We’re glad you enjoyed the demo! The choices don’t actually affect anything in-game, we just added them as a fun quiz for the alpha and it only affects which LI you get in this demo so the feature won’t be in the final game.

Both MCs have set personalities but you can affect to some extent how they interact with the characters since there will be a lot more choices in the final game. Hazel’s set personality is always snarky/sharp-tongued, but she will have plenty of sweeter / softer moments with her love interests too. As for her relationship with Jace, both regularly tease and bicker with each other regardless of the player’s choice simply because that’s how they show affection towards each other. :)


awesome well can't wait, this is a game I Am really looking forward to :) love the guys and the main character has nice personality. (i have played a few games where mc is a blank slate or a clumsy or someone who is clueless and I Am meh about those)

Thank you! :)

A new demo is coming next month before the full game release in summer, so we hope you'll enjoy that too.

What new things will be added into it?

It'll be an entirely revamped demo, containing the real prologue of the final game, fully shaded sprites (as in the character profiles) and two new side characters are going to be introduced.


Played the demo and I must say, it was very nice. I recognized the BGM in a matter of seconds which I find quite amusing. That rendition of Specialist is a really good BGM  for this type of game. As since it's a demo I'll have to say, the artwork is very pretty and looks great with the backgrounds, character routes seem really interesting (especially their personality). The fact that you can choose the MC's sexuality is great for more options for the love interests. 

8.9/10, I'll be excited when the full game comes out


i love this demo so much! the characters seem like so much fun, especially zoe <3 as a bi person who struggled to come to terms with my sexuality, i really love the jace and cameron route and their dynamic so far. super excited to play the full game next year!


Love this demo. Can't wait for the full game ;)

(1 edit) (+2)

ACK I need more in the demo!!! or A FULL GAMEE>>>

Edit: I loved the Jace and Adrian route so far and realllly hope to see more!!!!


it's not a full version yet?


It's only an alpha demo for now! The new full demo should be out in the next few months and the full game hopefully in Summer 2021.

(1 edit) (+4)

So far I like it (played as Jace).

Kinda refreshing to play as a closeted bi dude, not seen that anywhere else.  (vs ''Im not gay I just like you'')
The dialogue is a bit unnatural and stilted, but overall it's fun so *shrug*

Ah, and the art isn't too shabby either. Nice colouring and all.

Dumb question though: where is the save feature?  I've pressed a lot of buttons, but haven't found it anywhere ^^'


Thanks for playing! A save feature isn't implemented yet since the alpha demo is quite short (plus lacks choices), but it's going to be present in the next demo.


Yay! A female protagonist that's not spineless!


Just want to disclaimer that this is meant as constructive criticism, thought provoking, and to add to the discourse and not said out of hate.  I wish you guys success with your art and the game.

That being said, this doesn't really seem like this is the type of game I would enjoy.  The game seems to send a lot of mix signals and I'm not sure if this is just because its a demo or you plan on keeping in the direction you are going.  I specifically take issue with how the male main character seems to be pretty homophobic in the path that I read (Cameron).  I chose the option at the beginning to only be interested in the male ROs so the dialogue was kinda weird.  To me this didn't really seem like an "LGBT-positive game" as it doesn't seem like I could play a gay character.  I wouldn't have even minded if I was roleplaying a more closeted character, but it is very difficult for me to connect with this character because he seems to be very unlikable.  Are you planning on having more roleplaying choices on the type of person Jace is in the final product?  Or are you set on the character?

And I find it a bit odd because the intro seemed to say that Jace's defining personality traits were that he is a narcissist and easy-going (I could get behind that).  But from what I read, I didn't see either of those at all.  I didn't see that he was overly narcissistic and he seemed to be the opposite of easy-going (he seems to despise Cameron and constantly nags/guilts him).  From what I saw I would say his two most defining personality traits are that he hates m/m and he finds his family annoying.  Which as a gay player, its kinda difficult for me to like as a protagonist.

My last point of the demo and path I read was that for a romance game it really wasn't very romantic at all.  Like I'm all for character growth and story, but there wasn't even hints at Jace's potential attraction to Cameron like you would get in most stories where the protagonist starts closeted.  And I'm not really sure that Cameron's flirting was really helping make the mood more romantic either.  Jace made it very clear that it made him uncomfortable so it made me as the reader very uncomfortable.  I get as a gay man that I'm probably not the target audience for this game, but I would seriously question whether this is something that bi men are going to be interested in and not insulted by.  I would imagine that anyone picking up a visual novel of this type is expecting some form of romance.  And I'll note that I restarted and tested out the beginning of the Adrien path to see if there were any big differences.  Just read the intro with the sister, seems like the big difference is that Jace doesn't hate Adrien like Cameron so it seems like a softer relationship but Jace still has all the negative qualities.

Sorry about the wall of text, just wanted to write my thoughts.  I'll end on what I liked.  I liked the sister as a character.  I remember thinking while Jace was talking to her was how interested I was in the idea that she may be pursuing one of the other romance options in the full game and how I was interested in interacting with that (supporting her through her arc, roleplaying the "protective twin brother", etc).


Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your honesty a lot, because we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable playing our game and we are always eager to listen and to learn to do better. I’m Jace’s writer and I wanted to explain some things, but before I delve into it, we would like to apologize for any discomfort we have caused. Even if it was not our intention, it’s an issue that our game made you uncomfortable and for that we are genuinely sorry.

Jace is always bisexual. Other than Hazel (who is pan), all the main characters are always bi in every route. Since this is a short demo focused on character interactions, we wanted to make sure players could quickly access only the love interests which they are interested in, hence why we allowed players to pick which gender they wanted to focus on pursuing. Sorry if that caused any misunderstandings, but this feature will not be in the final demo. 

Because we wanted to present different relationship dynamics, certain characters such as Hazel already have experience dating people of different genders while Jace is not as open (with others or himself) about his attraction to men as he is about his attraction to women. It wasn’t our intention to make him come off as misleading or homophobic in the process, but I will make sure to change the writing to avoid such misunderstandings. There are reasons for his discomfort with flirting with men which will be adressed in the full game, but I’ll make sure to tone it down in the early stages of the game to make sure it doesn’t come off the wrong way before it’s explained. Because Jace’s MxM routes have a lot to do with him coming to terms with openly dating men, they start out as less romantic than some other routes but will end just as romantic! Jace is just a little slow when it comes to love, both with girls and boys.  :)

As for his personality traits, this is a short demo so we weren’t able to show all layers of our characters, however we’ll note your comments down and make sure to improve that for the full demo! We hope you might give the full demo another try later and hopefully, you’ll feel more comfortable with how we’ve changed things. If you do decide to give us another chance later, we hope you’ll grow to like Jace more! Once again, thank you for your criticism — we are taking it seriously! 

I just finished playing the demo and I had to tell you guys that I really liked it! Really, all the pieces are in place for this to be a great visual novel, from the crisp design of the characters, to the fact that you have your own choice of protagonist. Even with the choice, I admit I fully expected I would go/do the same thing with the love interest, so imagine my surprise when I went to see a movie with Adrian as Jace and shopping with him as Hazel. I can already see a lot of work went into this and I absolutely love it.

That being said, one has to have a favorite, so I shall come forth and proclaim my love for Adrian(/Jace.) You guys did a legit job with those questions at the beginning, the game threw the boy my way first thing lol. Funny thing, I'm actually not that into the childhood friend trope but this is good stuff. From the fact that Adrian rarely smiles so Jace has to drag them out of him (so when he does smile, it's that much sweeter), to the fact that Adrian seems to be so in tune with Jace. They already have a strong bond and you can feel it through the  writing, chef's kiss man. I just keep thinking about this poor boi having to wait as I pull my head out of my ass and realise that yes I am in fact in love with my childhood friendIt has been said that Jace ran away when a guy hit on him, the drama, the freak out, maybe Jace trying to avoid Adrian as he ''thinks things through'' (aka he's an embarassed big baby) ah yes i can already see it and I'm here for it lol.

From Hazel's side, I'm really interested in Stephanie. On top of her actually being a cinnamon roll, I think both girls compliment each other nicely.

I didn't mean for this to get so long, good luck and I can't wait until the full version is released!

No worries! We love to get long comments like this and appreciate the feedback a lot :) Also Jace’s writer is really happy you’re excited for Adrian x Jace’s route and Hazel’s writer is happy you’re interested in seeing more of her with Stephanie!

Thank you for the well wishes!

Hello! Just played through the demo a bit and while I don't know if I can afford supporting the KickStarter, I'd like to try it out when it's out. The graphics and bantering between characters have been entertaining.

There's one thing I'm curious about: considering your dev team is based in Germany according to the KS profile, will you make a German version of the game as well, or will it be English only? (Hatte Deutschlektionen vor ein paar Jahren, aber seitdem nicht genug geübt und möchte gerne durch VN'n uzw. kompensieren, haha)

Danke für deinen Kommentar! No worries, we understand these are rough times and just little things like sharing us around social media or even commenting on our demo as you have is already great support and very appreciated! :)

The team is technically based in Germany and Sweden. We don’t have a ”physical studio” yet (never say never though for the future), but that’s where our two main creators  are based. Unfortunately, I’m the Swedish one so my German is very basic level haha. At the moment, we don’t have any plans to translate this visual novel into German due to budget/time constraints but we’ll definitely consider it for future games!

OK, that's understandable; thanks for the swift reply, and good luck with the project(s)!

(Och vilket sammanträffande, jag är också svenne!)

Haha, vad kul! And thank you very much!

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