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Trouble Comes Twice is a romantic-comedy visual novel.


★  Around 350,000 words! Depending on reading speed, each route takes two to three hours to complete.

★  48 CG Illustrations + 9 Chibi CGs

★  Two Protagonists: Play as the stubborn pianist Hazel (f) and cocky athlete Jace (m)

★ Four Romance Options: Both protagonists can date everyone!

★  16 Endings: Dramatic 🫣 or Romantic ❤️ Endings for every route. Complete both endings to unlock an epilogue!

 Buy Trouble Comes Twice on Steam (PC only)

Contact: foxglovegamesteam@gmail.com (report bugs/other inquiries) 

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Play as twins Jace and Hazel in this queer romantic-comedy visual novel. 

A confident flirt with a narcissistic streak, Jace has breezed through most of his life thanks to his charm and good looks but lacks ambition. On the other hand, his sister Hazel is a talented but short-tempered pianist who has few friends because of the haughty facade she uses to hide her social awkwardness.

Already halfway through their college years, the twins realize neither of them have ever been in love before. Like any other not-so-rational person, they decide to turn finding love into a competition. Whoever gets into a relationship first wins!

May the best twin win!

Trouble Comes Twice features four romance options:

Stephanie: A shy, gentle violinist from a wealthy family. She admires Hazel a lot.

Adrian: Childhood friends with the twins, Adrian is a stoic but caring person.

Zoe: A bubbly, playful girl who moved in next door to the twins some months ago.

Cameron: A flirty guy with a "bad boy" reputation around college, Cameron loves teasing the twins every chance he gets.

Who will claim your heart first?

Updated 25 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(108 total ratings)
AuthorFoxglove Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsComedy, Cute, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Otome, Romance, Slice Of Life, Yuri
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksSteam, Twitter, Tumblr


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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... I wish we have the mobile version for this. I'm always on the go so I preferred playing visual novels either on switch or in mobile;;

pretty fun game!!!!!! usually i prefer to play as a girl, but i actually liked Jace's routes a lot more than Hazel's....he's just a more relatable and likeable character to me lol also Jace/Adrian is the fuckin endgame!!!!!!!!!!

i LOVE this game!! unfortunately i dont have any money so i cant buy the entire game <//3 sucks playing the demo over & over but its amazing!


If you follow our socials, we do giveaways now and then! It’s been a while since our last one but we’ll likely host another when it’s time for the DLC to release. <3

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Thank you to the devs. I enjoyed playing all the routes. 

Jace/Cameron is my favourite route. It's a huge comfort to me. 

I can really empathize with Jace's hesitancy to be open in a safe environment due to being a people pleaser. I think most people (like me) can also relate to Cameron's frustrations about how reputation and appearances can have way too much impact on daily life.

I've played the romantic version of the Jace/Cameron route, alone over 5 times. 

aw it comes with a tax, so its more expensive :(

Hi, i just wondered,wont you create nsfw cutscene for game?


No, we have no intention of ever making an nsfw version of Trouble Comes Twice. Sorry!


Hi! First I wanted to say that I just finished Cameron and Jace's route (my first route) and I really loved it! However I can't seem to watch the epilogue, is there any requirements needed before being able to watch it? I only completed the romantic ending so I was wondering if that was why

Yes, you need to complete both endings before you can unlock the epilogue. Glad you enjoyed! 

oh alright thanks!


A little personal advice I wish I had given myself before playing: DO NOT play Jace's route with Adrian until you've played all the other routes.

Simply Adrian's supremacy, got me cry with happiness. I AM IN LOVE with their ending and the whole relationship that develops with these two.

I can't imagine playing another route now that I already enjoyed Adrian's route, IT'S JUST THE BEST. (੭ ˊ^ˋ)੭ ♡

Thank you very much for your hard work and for allowing me to enjoy it ⋆。♡˚

I made the mistake of playing theirs first and now I don't have the heart to try Cameron's or Stephanie's like I told myself I would before completing Adrian's. How could I after that bomb drop. 😭 

Like yeah now I can't play Hazel and Adrian's route anymore cause it feels weird now

ty for the heads up, i was gonna do theirs first lmao


I only played Cameron's route with Jace, but I really didn't like it and here are my reasons: 

1 There really was no romance. You don't even properly kiss him outside of the epilogue, actually we don't even kiss him at all in what's supposed to be his romantic route. His dramatic route is actually more romantic than his actual romantic route lmao. Considering that I just saw here a CG of Jace kissing Stephanie then I can assume this is not as big of a problem in the straight routes.

2 The only drama in their route was self inflicted by Jace not wanting to date guys. And that's it. Not even the bet mattered. And that's really boring, cause all it took for them to start dating was for Jace to finally get over himself. And all we got after Jace accepted his sexuality was a preschool level relationship, like what college guy would even wait around for that ? Especially one that doesn't even have any emotional investment in Jace (like Adrian does), like realistically he would've just cut his losses a long time ago.

3 The CGs on this route are very badly drawn. Like seriously, the "chibi CG" was literally the only one I found cute and that should say it all. And the fact that I just saw here a CG of Cameron, which I can only assume appears on his route with Hazel, where he actually looks handsome instead of looking like an old man with red dyed hair makes it really insulting, as it implies that nobody could be bothered to put some proper work on Jace's romance with Cameron.

4 Cameron is quite obviously written to be romanced by Hazel (while I assume Adrian is the one written for Jace from the comments, even tho I didn't play his route), if the quality of his CGs between their routes didn't make that obvious already then I think the fact Cameron is still shown to be attracted to Jace's twin sister even at the start of their route should say it all. Honestly it seems like each LI is written for a certain twin, which really makes romancing them as the other twin awkward. I don't want to feel like a second choice/rebound in a dating sim, especially to my twin character !

Sorry for what looks like an overly negative review, but I really wanted to express my throughts. If other people like this route then more power to them.

You're right. This Jace-Cameron route is so bare boned that it's tragic. Even some free vns have way better story.

After playing the demo I purchased the game on steam not realizing that the full version of the game hasn't been released on mac yet. Do you have plans to release the full version playable on mac? And when would that be? Thank you

I just realized you have mac available on itchio but not steam. It's my mistake for not looking before purchasing! I apologize! :

Hi there I have a question,

I played Adrian routes and this sentence appeared to me ""Hazel's epilogue for Adrian is now unlocked.""I wanted to ask how can I play it.

Hi! You should be able to access the epilogues from the Extras menu. 

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Hi there I have a problem,

you said that the pc versions only in steam and when I tried to buy from there, it was not accepted even though there was money. Could you please add the PC version here?

Hi! The PC version is available here on itch.io and on Steam, but the Mac version is only available on itchio. If you purchase the game here, you will be able to play the PC version.

OK thanks 

Hi, Cameron's route crashes after getting together with him and after the (I'm mushy, alright) part. It just goes back to the start screen.

Hi! We think you’ve just reached the ending, and may have mistakenly skipped over the ending screen. Or you’ve got an older version, before we extended the ending screen length. 

Oh I see! Thank you thank you :) loved the game!

I love this game and i really liked all the routes ❤ btw can u release the soundtrack too? I loved listening to the different tunes you put in the scenes❤❤

Show post...

I definitely can see why the love interest fall for Jace cuz I'm fall for him too 🥹 Sadly I can't enjoy Hazel side as much as him.

We’re glad you liked Jace!

Deleted 24 days ago

Enjoy! We’re sorry it took so long to resolve.


Hello! I bought this game on Steam last week, and have been in love ever since! I adore all of the main characters and appreciate how none of them feel flat or one-dimensional. The dynamic between Hazel and Jace is hilarious, and it is refreshing to see a sharp-tongued female protagonist.

I'm also sure you have heard this many times, but I love how this game has same-sex pairings as well as opposite-sex pairings, as many Visual Novels only include one or the other. Though I have not completed all routes, the routes that I have played were beautifully written (especially Zoe x Hazel, and Adrian x Jace).

Thank you for this lovely game! Also, I read you are a team from Germany and Sweden so: gute Arbeit and bra jobbat!!

Thank you for the lovely comment! We hope you enjoy the other routes too if you decide to check them out. ❤️

hii i bought the game on steam but there's no mac version, is there any way to get it?? 😭😭😭

Hi! For now, the MAC version is not available on Steam. We would reccomend that you request a refund from Steam and purchase the game here on itchio instead if you haven’t got a PC!

I just discovered the same thing. Can you tell us when there will be the mac version on Steam ? ?.?

We don’t know yet, sorry! But it’s not going to be anytime soon, as we require additional assistance to figure out the issue. If you want to play and you have a MAC, it’s best to purchase here on itchio (or if you have already purchased, request a refund and purchase here on itchio instead).

I believe there should be a warning if the game is not compatible with your device when purchasing on Steam?

I saw it like ten seconds before buying the game ah, ah. It was actually in red on the stream page.

The thing is on itch.io the taxes when you're not from US rise the price by 5$. Well no choice if I want to play it ah, ah.

Thanks for the answer !!

just a question... do you use both protagonists?

You can try the demo to get a feel for how it works, but you select one of the protagonists (Hazel or Jace) when you start the game! You’re not required to play as both at the same time.

hiii sorry, I bought the game on steam, is there a way to get the official walkthrough? ;o

if you go to the discussions page on steam, then you'll find the guide there :)

here you go 

Thank youuu <3


Are you gonna add achievements? Would love to have them there as it adds another reason to get through the others routes. Thanks for the great game!

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No plans for achievements right now, sorry!


I got both Adrian endings (of course I went for him first), and it was so delightful! I kept sending screenshots to my friends and chuckle in front of my screen. Hazel is a lovely MC, I wish I had her confidence and in the same time she was kinda relatable, especially in the sibling endless bickering.

 Anyway, I needed a good funny lighthearted romance because I have been feeling very anxious those days and I got exactly what I need! 

Thanks for the game, I am excited to try the other routes!

We hope you have fun with the other routes as well, thank you for playing Ayael! 💜

I finish playing Hazel romances, they were all so delightful! I might even try Jace's one, I never play masculine MC usually but the game is so enjoyable I think I will give it a shot!


Hi! I wanted to ask I recently got this game on steam and I noticed there's a walkthrough available under the itch page. I wanted to ask if the walkthrough will also be available on steam?

Thank You!


The walkthrough is available on Steam now!


i saw it releases on steam in 2 hrs and was wondering did yall ever get the issue fixed for some of us who purchased but didn't get a steam key as well?


As it seems several people have been able to claim their Steam keys, we think some are still just looking in the wrong place. We have contacted itch support in case the issue might be technical somehow, but we haven't received a response yet.

This is from another VN, but the method described in this thread should be the same for Trouble Comes Twice.  Hope it helps!

I believe I am having the same issue, I bought the game here on itch.io but I can't seem to find the steam key anywhere...


If the guide linked above doesn’t work for you, we would reccomend contacting itchio directly as it may be a technical issue or something! As we said, we have already written in, we just haven’t received a response yet.

Deleted 24 days ago

I see, thanks for the effort! I shall try that


I just finished the game and HOW AWESOME. I'm a lesbian girl so it was almost obvious to me that sapphic stories would get me a lot more attention initially. I saw myself a lot in Stephanie so I didn't really know what to do because I don't really know what affects me, but with Zoe, it was the opposite, because she is my opposite.

I loved the game so much, the romantic and dramatic endings, the epilogues, the characters so solid but so realistic, the arts, I will definitely try to play the other routes.

I finished the game with some difficulty because I'm Brazilian and I don't have such good English (I'm even using the translator at the moment), because of that I kind of missed some dialogues, so there is the idea or possibility of Trouble Comes Twice have translation into Portuguese and other languages so that other people can enjoy 100% of the story?


Deleted 226 days ago

Hi! Have you tried using the walkthrough? 

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Unfortunately, localization was not included in our original budget for Trouble Comes Twice and translation for visual novels is very costly due to the high word count. We would love to potentially include localization as a stretch goal for future games, but for now we are unable to translate Trouble Comes Twice into other languages.


Possibly stupid question, but for those with the Steam edition already (KS, for example), will the walkthrough be released at actual release (the 14th, I believe it was)? I just wanted to be sure. No worries, either way!



But you can DM us on KS to receive the walkthrough now.

Thanks so much! For the prompt response, too!


Hi, I wanted to start by saying that the wait was totally worth it. I bought the game a year ago and I am so happy that the expectations I had were exceeded in a good way.

 I played two routes of Jace (Adrian/Cameron) yesterday as they were the characters that caught my attention from the demo of the game. 

 I loved Jace's character. He's not a character that feels empty or flat. On the contrary, he has a personality that stands out from the other characters and is a delight to have as a protagonist. He made me go through many different emotions as I progressed through the routes. Frustration, joy, anger, compassion. But I enjoyed experiencing each of them as it made me feel the characters were alive and not like puppets that the writer was manipulating behind the scenes.

 Jace was a character I could identify with. Since I am a girl who considers myself bisexual. But it was something that was hard for me to assimilate for a while. The internal conflicts that Jace faces were the same for me in the sense that it was hard for me to accept before that I liked girls too and that there was nothing wrong with that. And I loved how that conflict played out for him and its outcome in both routes. I love that bisexual characters are getting a good representation like this. 

Talking more about the different dynamics between Jace and his male love interests. I found Jace and Adrian's route so sweet and cute, it really feels like you're watching a comfort movie as you go along their route. Adrian is someone I would definitely fall in love with if he existed in real life. 

While on the other hand, I liked Jace and Cameron's route a little more than the previous one thanks to the realism and naturalness with which their relationship develops. These two may be similar in certain ways but the truth is that they are much more different than similar and I love that. The failed attempts at flirting, the sarcasm, the differences between the two of them in communicating about different topics, the different ways they face the world. I loved every bit of it. To me it felt like I was watching normal people getting closer and closer and in the process of falling in love. I really enjoyed finishing their route and seeing the characters changed by the influence they had on each other but keeping their essence. I did elaborate a bit more on Cameron and Jace's route but it's just for personal taste and not because I thought Jace and Adrian's route was bad. The game seemed so short to me but it was only because I enjoyed it too much and I wanted more content of these characters because I got very attached to all of them. I didn't name the other characters before but I also found them fun and dynamic. I look forward to other releases <3

Thank you for this lovely comment, we appreciate your words so much and we are so happy you enjoyed the game! We hope you’ll enjoy our future releases too if you decide to check them out. ❤️

Show post...

So far I enjoy it very much. Cant help rolling around, they are just soooo cute!!!!!!!!

There are a problem though. When I unlock romantic end of JaceCam, I check the gallery and it show the dramatic end CG. I tried again and got the dramatic end, finally the romantic end CG show in the gallery. So I guess you mistake 2 CG while coding the gallery?

Hi! Yes, we’ve been made aware of this bug and it’s going to be fixed in the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re glad you’re having a good time so far!

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The story was nice but it was kind of weird in the mlm version, it’s like it was written by a very woke “all gay men need to be versatile or else you are a fetishizer” kind of person. The need to make sure that two gay men in a relationship have to give and receive the same or else they aren’t gay enough. Like one cannot like to spoil the other without the other spoiling him the same way back because “we’re equals” as if people didn’t act and behave different in a relationship 😂 also the way it feels like sex is obviously out of the question as if they were little puritan kids and the need to get two bedrooms as if they weren’t in a relationship 😂😂😂😂


Homie, if you have a problem with how the gay routes are represented, there are several other titles out there untouched by Le Wokeism Mind Virus. Better yet, why don’t you be the change you want to see in the world and make something that better speaks to your preferences? If it’s not for you, then it just means the game wasn’t made with your specific ideas about how relationships are portrayed in mind.


Hi, i bought the game yesterday but the itch app only has demo and walkthrough available is there a problem or is it on itch side. Thanks for making an awesome game am enjoying it so far.

It must be on itch's side - several people have had issues downloading TCT, and apparently other games too, through the app. We would recommend downloading it from the regular site, or contacting support and checking if they know what's up. 


ok thanks, i will stick to standalone for now until it fixes itself

Did you ever get this resolved? I'm thinking about contacting support about it as I'm having the same issue.

Nope it didnt get resolved. Still waiting haha 

No android?

No, sorry!

that okay and thanks for answer❤️

Is the game supposed to end for the Jace/Zoe route with it saying I guess I am going to have to get used to this?


Yes, that is the romantic end. There’s also a dramatic end!

hi i just played your game and absolutely love it <3 can i ask if you are going to make merchandises of this game in the future? i would love to buy the character's acrylic standee. :3

We would love to release some physical merch one day, perhaps a limited sale of chibi charms? However, it depends entirely on how much interest there is for them! 

Thank you for enjoying the game, we're flattered you'd be interested in merch. :)

hi! i just got the game and in the middle of playing it. whats the difference between the dramatic ending and the romance ending? are they the equivalent of good and bad endings? i get sad when i read angst so i kinda wanna prepare myself. thanks! hehe

Both are happy ends - the dramatic ones just have more drama in them, while the romantic ones are a bit more focused on romance. Though of course, certain routes just have a bit more drama in them than others in general. 

Hope you have a good time! :)

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Just finished binging the game thanks to summer break... I'm rarely the biggest friends-to-lovers enthusiast but my favorite routes were Hazel/Zoe and Adrian/Jace omg.

Also, why did I highkey love the Adrian/Jace dramatic ending!? A lot of the other dramatic endings were hard to read because they were angsty but the Adrian/Jace one gave me all the angst and comfort I wanted and needed LOL (gotta admit that seeing Jace super depressed was satisfying because we already knew Adrian had been pining for years lol so it was nice to see Jace just so affected that he couldn't get out of bed) but I still love the romantic ending too because of the kiss!

If the game does well would you guys consider DLC?


We’re so glad you had fun!! 

A DLC is already in development, set to release later this year. 😁

OH MY GODDDD NO WAY!!! I'm so exciteeeeddd I felt like the epilogues weren't long enough to satisfy my itch of wanting to see everyone as a couple at the end <3

(1 edit)

I just wanted to ask about if Adrian is still into Jace even on Cameron's route? I was prepared for some potential angst but there didn't seem to be any hints. Not a big deal ofc haha just curious c: Also, really loving the game so far! Adrian's route was so unbearably cute <3 I don't usually buy games but this was well worth it!!


Hi, Jace’s writer here! Adrian has always had a crush on Jace in his childhood.

In Jace's other routes, because I couldn't bear making Adrian sad, this crush has simply fizzled out by the point the story happens. Can't say the same for their relationship in some of Hazel's routes, though! 👀


Does anybody else have the problem of downloading the new version of the game on mac?TT cant seem to update the game on itch io app and when i uninstalled it i cant download the full game anymore..

Hi! I’ve heard some people have issues downloading games through the app, have you tried downloading it directly from the website?

(1 edit)

I also run into the same problem from the app, I'm trying a direct download right now

Edit: It works! At the start Jace still said "Welcome back" and I thought it wouldn't work. All of my settings had been saved from the demo too. But the game continued, I'm excited to play!

Yes it worked when i downloaded it directly from the website! Thanks for the suggestion! 

Hi! Loving the game so far <3. But I have a question, I'm playing on Steam and I came here looking for the Walkthrough (I always play with guides hehe), where can I find it exactly? I don't really use itch.io so I don't know where to look at, sorry for the silly question ><

We haven't uploaded it on Steam yet but will do so very soon. I presume you're a KS backer since you're playing on Steam, you're welcome to DM us over there and we can send you the walkthrough! 

Yeah, I'm a KS backer, I will DM you there now! Thank you :) 

(1 edit)

I tried following the Jace/Stephanie walkthrough and no matter what I do I get the Romantic Ending (even if I'm picking the Dramatic Ending choices) and there are three CGs missing in her gallery (I'm assuming there's meant to be a CG in the Romantic Ending because atm their final amusement park date just ends abruptly with a 'Romantic End' text and no CG?)

The last unlocked CG is the ice skating CG, the last 3 are locked.


Hi! As mentioned in our release statement, Stephanie x Jace has 3 CGs that are being added in a patch within the next few weeks (likely before Steam release). This is the only route with this situation, hence why we recommend waiting with their route for the best experience. 

As for the ending, that's a bug that's being fixed in a patch we're uploading tonight. 

We apologize for the inconvenience/confusion!

No problem, take your time :) have been loving the game so far

Any news on the missing CGs? I really liked this route and the whole game in general. Good chemistry between the characters and the dialogues have a nice, natural flow to them. Well done, I'm looking forward to the DLC. 

(4 edits)

Little bug report!

Hazel's little image at the bottom left disappears during the dialogue: "Please don't drown though. I'd hate to loose you so soon."

This is during Zoe's route.

Really loving this so far ^^

(If I discover more things like this, I'll edit this comment to include them <3)


Jace's image disapperaing during Adrian's route:

"He didn't mention me? That's rude, Adrian."

Typo during Jace's inner thoughts:

"I don't own him. I don't have the right to demand for him to stay by my side at all times, not matter how I feel about him." (should be "no" instead of "not")

Jace's image gone during Cameron's route. Dialogue:

"I am" (replying to whether he was admiring Cameron's face.)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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